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The pooja rituals are carried out in a same order in bride-Grooms residence also. Here, the gold Thirumangalyam and its chain, which is received as separate jewel items, are formed into a chain along with the cotton thread applied with turmeric paste. Men’s wedding day dhothi (mundu) and shirt are also kept for the pooja.

Key Insights :

  • Sumangali Pooja invokes the blessings of ancestral women who lived in your family.
  • Also performed as a Promise in return for fulfilling pending auspicious events in the family.
  • Done before performing any ceremony or function.
  • Main Deity: (ancestral)Women who lived in the family.

Our Promise :

  • Vedic Patashala certified and experienced priests.
  • All rituals follow Vedic Standards and Procedures.
  • High quality samagri to ensure a pleasant Pooja experience.
  • Guaranteed Punctuality and Authenticity.
  • Professional Guidance & Support.
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Sumangali Pooja, which is carried out by Moothan Community as a part of pre-marriage function is one of the matchless marriage ritual in the social caste circles. In moothan marriages mangalya pooja is an indispensable ritual that is performed in the preceding week of the marriage function, mostly on Fridays – which is termed auspicious for worshipping the goddess. Usually, this is called the function of married women even though aged men group also take part in this blessing ceremony and offer their blessings and perform the pooja.

The importance of this function is that it works as a social bonding, augments and informally catalyze as a pre-marriage counseling for the girl and boy since all involved were married and experienced. Above all, the newly marrying girl and boy, is introduced into the importance of a new life filled with sadachara and its effect on well knitted social system. Both parties to the marriage attend the pooja function in both houses, this also adds to the strengthening of the bond, leads to better understanding of their social setups before the marriage function.

After the pooja function all married women are given kumkum and natural turmeric (root form) as prasadam. . To put in another way, we can see this function bless and honor both guest and the host for a prolonged married life. So this function delivers a total life-positive message to all involved, especially women, who is termed as the light of a Hindu-family system. One can see all these religiously tuned, holistic and spiritually connected functions add lot of celebrations and happiness among the folks.

It is performed in the remembrance of the elderly women who passed away when their husband was still alive. It is believed that the ancestors also participate in this pooja. It is mostly performed by all the ladies in the family and the pooja is performed invoking the blessings of the departed souls.

The Sumangali women in the family calls the other Sumangali women nearby or friends and distribute the sumangali kit and a new saree to each and every sumangali invited. Then the Pooja for the ancestoral women is performed.

When To Perform Sumangali Pooja?

Date is usually fixed on an auspicious Muhurth which is compatible to the nakshatra of the one who is performing this pooja. This Pooja is usually performed before starting any auspicious events in the family like Marriages, Seemantham etc.

  • All the auspicious events like Marriages, Seemantham etc that are going to take place in the family will happen without any obstacles.
  • Blessing of the elderly women is obtained who has left this world as a sumangali, thereby reducing the intensity of any pitru dosh if present.
  • All the remaining desires of the departed women souls is satisfied by doing this pooja.

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    Guruvarul organised this Pooja for my family in a temple. They made all arrangements and i don’t have to purchase any pooja materials. They conducted it with perfection.

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