Maha Ganapathy Homam

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He is known as Vighna Harta (Destroyer of Obstacles) and Vighna Karta (Owner of Obstacles). He owns the obstacles, He holds the authority to remove them too and thus prevent any kind of hindrance in our lives.

Key Insights :

  • To retain health, wealth and prosperity.
  • Ganapathy is worshiped before doing any auspicious activity
  • This homa is performed before any Function, ceremony.
  • Deity Worshiped: Lord Ganapathi
  • Ashta Dravya, Durva/Doob grass is the key ingredients used.

Our Promise :

  • Vedic Patashala certified and experienced priests.
  • All rituals follow Vedic Standards and Procedures.
  • High quality samagri to ensure a pleasant Pooja experience.
  • Guaranteed Punctuality and Authenticity.
  • Professional Guidance & Support.
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( 7,000.00 - 16,000.00)
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Performing Ganapathy Homam once every year gives prosperity, health and wealth. If any one is running Ketu dasa or bhukti or there is some dosha of Ketu in the horoscope, he shall perform Ganapathy Homam and get-relief. Ganapathy Homam should be performed in the early morning and Poornahuthi to be offered during sunrise, unless any other time is specifically mentioned to suit the particular purpose. Normally, only Vedic ways of Homams are performed.

Lord Ganesha is always worshipped before starting any Pooja or Homa and on all auspicious occasions. Lord Ganesha is also known as ‘Vigneshwara’ [vigna + Eswara] which means the lord who removes all obstructions (Vighna). Lord Ganesha or Mahaganapathi is believed to remove obstacles not only in the material world but also in one’s spiritual progress. Mahaganapathi is also worshipped as a very important deity for Kundalini awakening and Kundalini rise, which is the first step in self-realization. The Mahaganapathi homam is performed by people desiring progress in various material pursuits as well as those seeking liberation and spiritual awakening.

Brahma Muhurth time 4:30am – 6:00am before sunrise is the best time. Date can be fixed as per one’s janma nakshatra and the yoga, thithi of that date.

  • Durva Grass (Bermuda Grass) is offered to soothe the heat in His belly since He swallowed a demon called Analasura (Fire Demon).
  • Modak (Modakam, Kolukattai) and Ashta Dravyam (A mixture of eight materials) are His favorite food offerings.
  • All the obstacles and problems that the person encounters in their life gets away by performing this homa.
  • This homa helps in Inducing positive energy and helps in attaining peace of mind.
  • Ganapathi Homa is a Powerful remedy for a person who is passing through ‘Ketu Maha Dasa or Bhukti’ as per their horoscope and thereby reducing the malefic effects of Ketu graha.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Guruvarul organised this homam for my family in a temple. They made all arrangements and i don’t have to purchase any pooja materials. They conducted it with perfection.

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